To apply visa for Bhutan the following criteria has to be fulfilled:

  • Purchase of Bhutan tour packages.
  • 100% payment to be made before visa application.
  • A legible scanned copy or digital photo of your passport.
  • One digital PP size photo in formats of jpeg (.jpg or .jpeg) or PNG (.png) or BMP (.bmp) or GIF (.gif) (Photo Requirements • Color or Grayscale. • Recent photograph (not more than six months old). • Shows you looking directly at the camera. No looking over one’s shoulder (portrait style). • Shows eyes open and clearly visible. If you wear glasses there should be no flash reflection, no tinted lenses and the frames should not cover any part of your eyes. • Sharp focus and clear – no shadows. • Clean with no smudge marks.)

(Note: Photo scanned from passport has smudge marks)

The process usual takes about 3 to 7 working days and is issued about 30 days prior to arrival in Bhutan.