LUXURYDMC has been operating trips in Bhutan, Nepal & Tibet for the last 20 years. The company is a ground operator/outfitter for cultural tours, specialty programs, customized itineraries, incentives, spiritual journeys, Yoga & meditation trips, student programs, jungle safari, adventure trips, Heli sightseeing & trek, rafting, mountain biking. All the trips are carefully planned for FIT and group travel.

Our aim is to provide visitors with every kind of viable adventure & cultural experiences that the Himalayas can possibly offer. We have programs for juniors and seniors, beginners and professionals, day-trippers and thrill seekers, Dionysian and ascetics – we aspire to do it all in the best possible way.  Agile and efficient field staffs, top of the line equipment and well-maintained vehicles are the assets of the tour – trekking industry in addition to a well-organized and devoted office management team, hereby, making us well equipped to handle all your travel needs.

We have offices set up in Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan which acknowledges our deep-rooted interest in these destinations and they are the best in the fields. Our knowledge and experience in the Himalayas make us reliable and trusty partners. On a journey with us there will be plenty of all that is good and desirable: magnificent scenery, excellent equipment, knowledgeable guides, ethnic cuisine, sturdy vehicles, maximum safety, clean environs and cheerful disposition.